Oberfeldarzt Miriam Stelz joined the Federal Armed Forces as a medical officer candidate on July 1st, 2003 and studied dentistry at the Universities of Cologne and Bonn from October 2003. She received her license to practice medicine as a dentist in 2009.

It was used both in professional dental applications as well as in positions in the field of personnel recruitment as well as management and organization. In 2012 she was able to establish first intensive contacts with the Navy as part of a foreign assignment at SNMG 2 and later also gain experience in another branch of the armed forces as part of her work as a department head at the Center for Aerospace Medicine of the Air Force.

Most recently, Oberfeldarzt Miriam Stelz was employed as Head of Department G3.3.1 at the Regional Medical Support Command in Diez, where he was responsible for the planning and control of dental care in the regional medical facilities.

She is currently a participant in the national general and admiralty staff course 2019 at the command academy of the Bundeswehr in Hamburg.